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Welcome to the Vestal Police Department's web-site.  The Vestal Police Department is currently staffed with thirty-eight sworn members, supplemented by five civilian staff members.  On the following pages you will find the departmental mission statement along with a brief overview of the Town of Vestal and its Police Department.  You will further find the department's rank structure and a short explanation of the duties of each departmental section.  Finally, we have provided phone listings for various supervisors and their units.


I hope you will find this web-site to be informative.  If you desire additional or more specific information pertaining to the department you may personally contact the office of your choice utilizing the contact list that has been provided.



John A. Butler,

Chief of Police




Vestal Police Department

605 Vestal Parkway West

Vestal, NY 13850

(607) 754-2111

(607) 754-1316 (fax number)
















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In This Section


John A. Butler
Chief of Police
(607) 754-2386 (ext. 341)

Ed Golluscio
Staff Lieutenant
(607) 754-2386 (ext. 349)

Chris Streno
Detective Sergeant
(607) 754-2477 (ext. 347)

Gerald J. Mullins
Lieutenant of Patrol Division
(607) 754-2386 (ext. 339)

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